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April 18, 2007


candy baker

Hello darling

Long time since I posted a note. Life's been hectic. Virginia was dreadful. Your site looks lovely - wish I could eat some of those yummy dishes. Anna and Sam on school holidays. Anna I stayed at Nambucca with Charlie B and Brian, which was fun, and the Easter bunny found his way there. Off to work today, then to see Sam in a drama performance from his drama workshop. Horses at the weekend. Busy busy. Love you Me


Hi Tess it seems all sisters know where to find each other here at your blog site.
Thanks for the fridge up date mine hummm well it will look like that really soon.
You know I am struggling with unspoken words; the courage to believe others will here them and answer with truth. I wonder how many people actually do that. Most of say we do but don't. Life; it seems to be full of so many struggles and it up sets me so when the struggles are with the one's we love the most. Some times we get lost in so much pain that we forget what we wanted to say and the pain it's self makes the words seem useless. so as you can summize am sure to much thought and to many unsaid words make it in hard to say any thing at all. LOST? YES I think so.HO HO Thanks love you Charlie

candy baker

Darling Tess

I have two beautiful tortoise-shell pussy cats - Gia, otherwise known as Miss G, for Miss Goddess and Tiny, who is well, tiny. The only problem is that Gia is an efficient killing machine, who roams through the night and brings back mice, frogs and even - tonight - a bat. This is with a bell on. She reminds me of Kitty-kar and Belinda and how they would leave their prey in the bottom of the bath if we went away, and try and show it to us proudly. If Ellie reads this I was very sorry to hear about her pussy cat, perhaps, as Charlie said, you will be the central post around whom we will all revolve with communication. I love your blossom words, and am glad you are feeling cheerful. Sam jumped his first 1 metre 20 cm course at the weekend on his new horse, Cardigan, and came 5th, so that was amazing. It's raining here at the moment, and it's time for bed, so off I go, a you Candy

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