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November 19, 2008



Oh you beautiful, talented, compassionate,sensitive woman! thankyou for sharing your wonders with us. in sisterhood ( and what would life be without it?!) and love

Sussie Kidd

Ah Tessa ... the meanderings of a wonderful and talented mind ... that you can extend that out of your body and into your creative process - whether it be words or paintings, lucky you! What a glorious day it has been and even without so much as you , I can still revel in life. Ah but for a tad of love go I .... love to the sisters for sure, but a cuddle would definitely not go astray!! May the chickens not drive you too batty my lovely friend. xx Sussie


Love you too my dear one. It is good to remeber all that we ahve to be thankful for and all the wonders that the world has bestowed on us. Love you Ellie

Anne Naylor

Bravo, Tess. Your courageous spirit, luscious creativity and wicked joy bubble through your writing - bubble yes, and with ever expanding love and appreciation. You are such a bright Star! God is blessing you abundantly in every way. Huge love and warm hugs, Anne xx

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